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Prints and Cards

Every photograph on this website is available in a variety of printing options. To order a print, use the Order Print buttons below each photograph in my portfolio or click the Print Shop button below.

Print Shop

Canvas Wrap

My personal favorite - the photograph is printed onto high-quality art canvas, coated with a protective acrylic finish, and stretched onto a 1.25” frame. Canvases include mounting hardware and are ready to hang in your home. I sign and title canvases on the back of the print.

All pricing includes shipping.

Print Medium Size Price
Canvas Wrap 12x18 $100.00
Canvas Wrap 12x36 $150.00
Canvas Wrap 16x24 $125.00
Canvas Wrap 16x48 $200.00
Canvas Wrap 20x30 $150.00
Canvas Wrap 20x60 $250.00
Canvas Wrap 24x36 $200.00
Canvas Wrap 32x48 $250.00

Giclee Prints

I use 100% cotton acid- and lignin-free fine art paper with archival inks to produce a giclee print. These are museum quality prints that will last for decades without fading. The photograph is printed with a white border to allow for easy mounting and framing. I hand title and sign the border of each print.

All pricing includes shipping.

Print Medium Size Price
Giclee Print 8x10 $65.00
Giclee Print 8x12 $70.00
Giclee Print 8x24 $95.00
Giclee Print 10x15 $80.00
Giclee Print 10x30 $150.00
Giclee Print 12x18 $120.00
Giclee Print 12x36 $175.00
Giclee Print 16x20 $140.00
Giclee Print 16x24 $150.00
Giclee Print 16x48 $245.00
Giclee Print 20x30 $200.00
Giclee Print 24x36 $225.00

Open Edition Prints

Open Edition prints are a more economical option than Giclee Prints. I print open edition prints on Kodak Endura paper with a semi-gloss Lustre finish. Open edition prints are borderless and unsigned. Endura paper maintains it’s quality for years but may fade if displayed in bright sunlight.

All pricing includes shipping.

Print Medium Size Price
Open Edition Print 5x7 $15.00
Open Edition Print 6x18 $38.00
Open Edition Print 8x10 $30.00
Open Edition Print 8x12 $40.00
Open Edition Print 8x24 $53.00
Open Edition Print 10x15 $60.00
Open Edition Print 10x30 $78.00
Open Edition Print 12x18 $75.00
Open Edition Print 12x36 $80.00
Open Edition Print 16x20 $85.00
Open Edition Print 16x24 $95.00
Open Edition Print 16x48 $120.00
Open Edition Print 20x30 $125.00
Open Edition Print 20x60 $195.00
Open Edition Print 24x30 $150.00
Open Edition Print 24x36 175.00

Metal Prints

Metal prints are an especially great option for city skyline prints. The photograph is printed onto a specially coated sheet of aluminum using dye infusion. This brings out a stunning amount of color and clarity and is perfect for photos with lots of color and contrast. The final print includes a hanger which floats your print half an inch off the wall.

All pricing includes shipping.

Print Medium Size Price
Metal Print 6x18 $100.00
Metal Print 8x24 $150.00
Metal Print 10x30 $200.00
Metal Print 12x18 $150.00
Metal Print 12x36 $200.00
Metal Print 16x20 $200.00
Metal Print 16x24 $225.00
Metal Print 20x30 $300.00
Metal Print 24x30 $475.00
Metal Print 24x36 $500.00


I print my notecards on card stock with a textured linen finish. This adds an elegant finish while preserving the details in the photo. I hand sign the back of each card. Each card includes a white envelope.

All pricing includes shipping.

Print Medium Size Price
Notecard 5x7 or 4x9 $5.00

If you’re on Cape Cod, you can see a selection of my work printed on Canvas at the Reciprocity Artisans Market located at 4 Cross St, Harwich Port, MA 02646.

Framing and Custom Orders

If you’d like to order a print size that you don’t seen in my regular options or if you’d like to order a framed print, please use the form below or on any photograph page to get in touch with me. I love framing prints and making custom orders to print something special for you.