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Summer Sunset at Nubble Lighthouse

York, ME

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Nubble Lighthouse is a challenging place to photograph sunset. The lighthouse perches on a rock just off the coast of York, Maine and is a popular summer vacation destination. The parking lot runs right up to the rocks and people love to idle their cars with their headlights on pointing at the lighthouse. A large set of power lines run from the rock back to the mainland. It’s tough to get a good shot of the lighthouse without people, headlights, or the power lines mucking up the view.

Despite all these challenges, Nubble Light is one of my favorite spots in southern Maine. The rocks below the parking lot are interesting. Depending on the tide the waves break dramatically across the coastline in front of the lighthouse. The water in between the mainland and the island makes for a more interesting scene than a regular lighthouse. The geography of the area means that you can usually find a good composition almost every month of the year for sunrise or sunset.

On this particular evening, the clouds were heavy and low just until sunset. I decided to head out to photograph sunset at the lighthouse anyways and spent twenty minutes exploring the rocky coastline. Just as the sun set to the west, the storm clouds moving in lit up brilliantly yellow and orange. The light was very bright and reflected on the water crashing on the rocks beautifully. Mercifully, everyone kept their headlights off, too!

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