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Sunset at Nubble Lighthouse

07 July 2021

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I have a love and hate relationship with Nubble Lighthouse near York Beach, Maine. On one hand, it’s a classic lighthouse on a rocky island just off the coast of Cape Neddick. The location could not be more beautiful. The way the Cape juts out into the ocean means the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful pretty much year round. The surf crashes on the rocks and there’s a clear view out to the horizon to the east.

What makes Nubble Lighthouse a great landscape photography location also makes it extremely popular. The parking lot at Sohier Park ends right at the rocks on the coast and the headlights of cars in the lot shine right on the lighthouse. In the summer the rocks are crawling with other visitors. It can be very difficult to get a clean composition of the lighthouse without headlights on the lighthouse or other people in the shot.

On this particular evening in early July the lighthouse was as crowded usual. I clambered down the rocks to a few locations right along the edge of the ocean. A storm was moving in and the waves were breaking on the rocks.

On this particular evening, the clouds were heavy and low until just after sunset. Just as the sun set to the west, the storm clouds moving in lit up brilliantly yellow and orange. The light was very bright and reflected on the water crashing on the rocks beautifully. Mercifully, everyone kept their headlights off, too!

The next few days were windy and rainy so I was very glad that I was able to get for this sunset when I did!

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