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Falls of Song and Shannon Brook

12 April 2021

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Winter ended early in the White Mountains this year. Instead of the usual cold and snowy weather, March was warm and rainy. Although this weather ended my ski season early, it also produced an incredible amount of snowmelt in a very short time period and brought waterfall season in strong and early. I’ve been working my way through the excellent New England Waterfalls (affiliate link) guidebook. In the middle of April I headed up to the Falls of Song in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

The Falls of Song are located inside the Castle in the Clouds estate near Lake Winnipesaukee. Shannon Brook tumbles down through the estate and creates several stunning waterfalls. There is a road up the hill to directly access the waterfall. If you want to go during the off-season or don’t want to pay the toll to drive up the road, you can also park in a large lot on NH Route 171 and hike! The Shannon Brook and Brook Walk trails access every waterfall and are much more enjoyable than driving.

The Falls of Song are the first waterfall on the trail. A boardwalk parallels the brook and takes you right up to the base of the falls as they drop through a narrow notch in the rock. The brook is bounded on one side by a steep rock wall and on the other by the boardwalk. The whole gorge is beautiful and on this visit the plants were brilliantly green and the brook was rushing.

A short walk up the Brook Trail is Bridal Veil Falls. Shannon Brook spills over a terraced rock outcropping creating the bridal veil structure of the waterfall. A large fallen log covered in moss was sitting at the bottom of the waterfall on my visit and the whole scene strongly reminded me of some of the waterfalls I’ve visited in the Pacific Northwest.

The one thing I missed on this trip was sunset over Lake Winnipesaukee from Bald Knob. This viewpoint is a quick detour from the Shannon Brook Trail but I spent way too much time exploring the waterfalls and missed sunset. I’ll definitely be back for a return visit. If you’d like more info on Falls of Song and the other waterfalls on the brook, I recommend the New England Waterfalls guidebook (affiliate link). There is no better source of information for most of the waterfalls in New England.

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