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Sea Ice on Cape Cod Bay

31 January 2021

Filed under: Cape Cod, Aerial Photography

Every so often in the winter we get enough of a deep freeze here on Cape Cod that the ocean starts to freeze over. The winter of 2020/2021 started off mild and rainy but since January has been extremely cold, windy, and dry. I spotted ice moving along the edge of the bay near Barnstable Harbor and took a bunch of photographs of the ice pack flowing out towards the ocean with the tide as well as some more detailed shots of the individual ice pieces (they seem too small to be bergs?) themselves.

You can just barely see Sandy Neck Lighthouse in the background of this shot.

I also took some shots looking straight down on the ice. The abstract shapes and the color contrast between the ocean and the ice were really interesting. These photos make great phone wallpapers. I’ve been using one myself for the last two weeks and love it. Feel free to right click on these images and “open link in new tab” to get directly the image file.

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