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Halloween Blue Moon over Sandy Neck

31 October 2020

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This year the full moon coincided with Halloween. On it’s own this is spooky but this was also the second full moon of October 2020 which made it a Halloween Blue Moon. Very appropriate for 2020.

The last time a blue moon rose on Halloween was October 31st, 1944. Blue moons happen every few years so this year’s event was really “once in thirty blue moons”.

The best place on the Cape that I could find with clear views to the horizon for moonrise was Sandy Neck Beach Park in Barnstable. Sandy Neck is one of my favorite spots for sunset over the wide sandy dunes and the moonrise was beautiful.

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was that the moon would rise exactly behind one of the tallest sections of dune plants in the whole park. I could just barely see the pink glow as the moon broke the horizon. A location farther south with a clearer line of sight to the horizon would have been a bit better.

Regardless of enthusiastic shrubbery, the moonrise was beautiful and I’m glad I went out.

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